Doctor Visit

I have a mild case of plantar fasciitis from our long walks with unsupportive shoes. If you’ve had it you know the problem – the bottom of your foot hurts a lot, especially when you wake up in the morning.  So I visited the doctor in Castellina and he told me that I should buy better shoes and quit walking so pigeon-toed — easy for me to change that at 61! He also taped a piece of paper towel inside my shoe:


And it helps!  Price for the doctor visit: zero.


Galileo Science Museum

We visited the beautiful Galileo Science Museum in  Florence Saturday morning. The first floor is filled with the Medici family collections of sundials, telescopes, compasses, globes, tools for understanding astronomy, time, navigation, warfare, etc. The second floor includes the Lorraine Collection which is similar but includes more pieces like chemistry sets, precision measuring instruments, and tools for teaching and popularizing science. My favorite was the thunder houses, which show how lightning rods work: take away the small diagonal piece, add electricity, and your house blows up!


After this visit we made our way to La Casalinga where we had a perfect lunch. It included an amazing Chianti Classico, peps, 3P’s pasta, lemon gelato with vodka, and grappa.  Too much maybe?

This is how you know you had a great meal: