Swimming yesterday at a big indoor pool in Poggibonsi was fabulously Italian, of course. So many little informal rules, like you need to buy your own lock (4 euros) and if you have dirty shoes you need to put little footies on. And I need to get a robe and a smaller bathing suit!  Didn’t really fit in with my T shirt and gigantic bathing suit. But the lanes were awesome, the pool warm and not very chlorine-y, and a nice guy told me who to share lanes with.  All very positive and welcoming.

Etiquette update: Don’t put your shoes, socks, pants, sweaters, or jackets in your locker.  Just your shirt, underwear, valuables, and gear bag go in there.  Hang your pants on a hook.  Is this to avoid odors in your shirt? Wrinkles?   When you leave you must leave your locker door wide open.  For cleaning later?


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